1. Choose a supplier – it may be one of the big retailers like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay or someone from a long list of dropshipping supplier directories.
  2. Choose a platform on which your dropshipping store will be built.
  3. Select a niche – this is perhaps one of the most important steps. Make a research and rate your niche’s potential. The result of all your future work will depend on it. In order not to make a mistake when choosing a niche, you can use this test, for example.
  4. Buy a domain and hosting.
  5. Make a dropshipping store on your own or buy a turnkey solution.
  6. Add products that fit for your niche.
  7. Edit all product pages very carefully – edit or take new photos, add meta-tags, make proper product descriptions.
  8. Write some texts for the main page and for all categories of your website.
  9. Create pages in social media and make at least 3-5 posts.
  10. Develop a promotional strategy of your store and follow it.