Sometimes it happens that talented and smart people live in the shadow and nobody knows about the superpowers except perhaps their mums. At the same time unremarkable people can be the brightest stars and fill up the biggest stadiums. Why does it happen? Are people blind? The answer resides in the fact that some people promote themselves and others do not. The same story is with dropshipping stores. If you will promote your store, you will get traffic and clients. In other cases your dropshipping business can fail.   

To get as much traffic as possible to your dropshipping store you can use different methods and apps. There is a large number of them, so we’ve selected the most important and valid.

1)      Instagram

Instagram has grown to something more than a social net for sharing nice food photos or posting selfies in the mirror. Nowadays an account in Instagram can be used as a free promotional tool, which allows you to find new customers, communicate with them and get feedbacks.

What do you need to do with your Insta account to drive more traffic to your online store?

–          Write a great Instagram Bio with accurate description of your dropshipping store. You have 150 characters to tell people something about your products, their special features and competitive advantages. Don’t try to play hide and seek with your customers and provide straight links to the dropshipping store and to your WhatsUp, Viber, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Besides that, don’t forget to write your working phone numbers and emails and add some emojis or hashtags to your text.

–          As for hashtags, they have become a significant part of our culture and very few people don’t know what they are. A person uses hashtags to categorize internet content and to find necessary information easily and quickly. They also help get new customers and track their reviews. Some clever hashtags are much better than a long descriptive text, because they are already targeted to the potential clients.

–          Using of automatic services such as plugins or special tools is a great way to promote a dropshipping store more efficiently. These apps allow you to plan your posts, monitor comments and search for hashtags. One of the most popular WordPress plugins now is Social Rabbit. It spreads the word about your dropshipping business and allows to receive stable traffic from the major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram). The plugin shares content of your website, looks for popular posts related to your niche and publishes them in your account.  

–          Post videos or stories and show the newest and fanciest products in your dropshipping store. With a promotional product video you can well explain items’ benefits and demonstrate their unique features. Online buyers cannot touch the items they are going to buy and are often skeptical of the products, but a short product review video can dispel their doubts.

2)      Facebook

Facebook is a global social network that has more than 2 billion active users every month. To promote on Facebook you need to have an account and to create a page dedicated to your dropshipping store.

After that, you have 2 ways to give your dropshipping business a voice on Facebook:

1)      Sharing of your content in Facebook groups related to your webstore;

2)      Running Facebook advertising campaigns.

The first way is not difficult. Being an approved group member you need to create an interesting post, then click some buttons to share it in a selected group… and done. Your report will be published immediately or after some moderation. One advice: try to create entertaining, not advertising posts, because people like and share something that makes them laugh and dislike in-your-face advertising.   

The second way is that much easier and depends on your financial standing. Facebook ads are paid messages that help you reach your audience in a fun and interactive way. According to your business goal, you can choose from different types of Facebook advertising formats: photo, video, slideshow, carousel, collection and messenger. Every ad format looks great on any device, be it a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.   

3)      Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site, which allows users to communicate in short messages called “tweets”. This tool is also incredibly useful for dropshipping store promotion. There are different ways to promote a store on Twitter.

  • Twitter chats

They give you a good possibility to fast-track the process of growing your audience. Twitter chats are a great way to network and connect with your audience. They allow you to follow the discussion and to take part in it. People can talk about anything and everything and create a large number of different chats, so you’ll probably find (or host?) one related to your dropshipping business.    

  • Twitter cards

Twitter cards are used to drive more traffic to your dropshipping store. They allow you to hit the characters limit and add photos or videos to your tweets. Twitter cards are perfect for introducing new products and increasing conversions.

There are different types of Twitter cards:

–          Summary card;

–          Summary card with large image;

–          App card;

–          Player card.

The both types of Summary cards are great for blogs, articles and other informational pages. They show a preview of the posts you have published on your website. Summary cards with large image allow to attach large size pictures to your tweets and attract people’s attention.

If you have an application and want to promote it, App cards will come you to help. They display the app’s name, its description and price. App cards are a great way to boost installs of your app.

Player cards are created to share videos, audios or media files. They allow to play video or audio from the website straight on Twitter.        

4)      Email Marketing

Email marketing provides you to communicate with your customers efficiently and allows to show your potential clients all advantages of the dropshipping store, its products and services.

To run a promotional email marketing campaign successfully, you need to know 3 don’ts:

  1. Don’t spam.

Everyone hates to receive tons of spam messages every day. In fact, a mailout is not a terrible thing, but you should cater to the needs of your customers. If they want to receive one email a day you have to comply with their wishes.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of images.

The statistics say that people perceive visual information much better than texts, so use high-quality pictures of the products you are offering.

  1. Don’t focus only on the product.

Product presentation is essential part of every business. However, you should not be obsessed with it. You must show people the benefits they will get using your products, not only the good itself.   

5)   Blogging

Blogging has grown in popularity massively in the past years. It’s amazing that everyone can share some ideas not only with his family or friends, but also with the whole world.

A blog allows you to write about the things related to your store. For example, if your dropshipping store sells smart gadgets, the best solution to you is to create an interesting, original content about technical innovations, inventions and the latest technology news. If it’s necessary, provide some links to your dropshipping store, but do not overload the page with them.

If you still cannot come up with ideas what to write about in your e-commerce blog, here are some suggestions:

–          Industry news and trends;

–          “How to” tutorials;

–          Lists of the most incredible products (not only yours);

–          Product reviews;

–          Answers to your customers’ questions.

Planning und running a promotional campaign is very important, because it strongly affects your dropshipping store’s success. Use every possibility to promote your business and determine its effectiveness. If a promotional tool doesn’t work, you need to analyze why and take steps to make a difference.