Step 1: Find your niche

First, choose the right niche for your dropshipping store. Check the most popular resources like

  • AliExpress Most Popular Products;
  • Amazon Best Sellers;
  • eBay Daily Deals.

On these webpages you will find lists of bestsellers and the most promoted products. Go through and pick up some ideas what to dropship. Besides that, ask your family, friends or workmates about their hobbies or needs. They can also give a lot to think about.

Then get an idea about the popularity of the selected niche. Go on Google Trends and check your products. If the product is not trendy, forget it. Your aim is to find goods with the highest sales potential.

Do not choose a broad niche, because it’s harder

  • to understand your audience’s needs;
  • to plan a marketing strategy and follow it;
  • to compare with big online stores.

Narrow your niche and get more traffic and orders.

Step 2: Choose and buy a domain name and hosting

Choosing of the right domain name is very important, because it is the face of your website and makes the first impression of it.

A good domain name should be catchy, short and easy to remember, type and pronounce.

Try to avoid numbers and hyphens, because they often lead to misunderstanding. People can forget about the dash or how to write a number – as a figure or in words.

Choosing a hosting service, make sure that it has all options you need. Webhosting is invisible to your customers, but can really make or break your business.

The key features of a good web hosting:

  • amount of storage;
  • capacity for long-term growth;
  • easy to use control panels;
  • expert tech support;
  • affordable pricing.

Step 3: Create and launch a dropshipping store

There are different ways to make a dropshipping website. You can create a site on your own or buy a turnkey one.
Of course, the easiest way is to buy a turnkey dropshipping site.

If you want to create a website on your own it’s better to do it on WordPress. Making a website on WordPress is very simple and does not require deep knowledge of site building, web design or coding. Just setup a necessary plugin to turn your website into a store and start dropshipping.

Step 4: Connect with suppliers and add products

One of the most difficult parts of dropshipping business is to find a company willing to partner with you.

To choose a dropshipping supplier you can focus on:

  • big retailers like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay etc;
  • long lists of small sellers or even dropshippers selling different products.

There are many factors to be considered by choosing a reliable supplier.

A good seller should:

  • have a good understanding how dropshipping business works;
  • take responsibility for the quality problems;
  • keep information up-to-date;
  • have worldwide shipping.

Step 5: Choose items and add them

Go through the catalogs of items and find the best products for dropshipping.

Choosing a product focus on the following criteria:

  • product’s quality;
  • product rating;
  • the number of orders;
  • terms of delivery.

Product description and photos are worth special attention. Keep in mind, that professional pictures and high quality product description give an additional value to your store.

Step 6: Promote your store

Use every possibility to promote a dropshipping store:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.);
  • Blogging;
  • Google Ads;
  • Email marketing.

Try to be in the limelight and make at least 3-5 posts about your store and its products every day. A good promotional campaign will attract more customers to your dropshipping store.