So you have found the nicest niche for your dropshipping store. It’s high time to start hunting for the best products to sell. Before digging in a great variety of dropshipping products, read this step-by-step guide and take into account our advice. 

5 steps to choose the right products for dropshipping

STEP 1: Examine products’ popularity

The first step is always a doozy, but you need to take it. Ask yourself why this product is good to sell. Is it trendy or something people cannot live without? What are the reasons to buy it? If you don’t know exactly, you should go on Google Trends. This free tool allows you to find out the hottest search trends and compare the popularity of selected products. It is easy to navigate and has a large number of different features.   

By the way, Google trends allows to filter the search results. You can use the Seasonality filter to analyze the product demand. Some goods have a seasonal nature and are sold well during a particular period of time. For example, Christmas decorations will be sold like hot cakes in winter, not in summer. So if you want to sell the seasonal things, you should be also ready for dead season.   

STEP 2: Choose unique products

Nobody will order a product and be waiting for it during 45 days, if the same one can be bought in the nearest supermarket. The rarer the product, the high the customers’ interest to it. A good product helps you stand out in a crowd and create a memorable store identify.    

STEP 3: Check the prices

Follow the golden rule: the lower is the price, the higher is my potential profit. So check and compare as many as possible retail and supplier prices to find the best products for dropshipping.

STEP 4: Eliminate risky categories

Some categories are better to avoid, because they will plague you and your customers. Let’s look at the “stay away” dropshipping products:

–          Bladed or sharply pointed articles;

–          Fragile items;

–          Spying devices;

–          Chemicals and toxic agents;

–          Fake luxury goods.

It isn’t necessary to explain why the categories are forbidden to any kind of business. If you don’t want to get in trouble with the law, stay away from these products.

STEP 5: Contact suppliers

A good seller must have:

–          good or excellent reputation;

–          Mainly positive reviews;

–          Lots of orders;

–          Informative descriptions;

–          High-quality images.

In other cases, you will offer your customers to buy a pig in a bag.

You can follow all these steps while checking the potential of different dropshipping niches in this free test.It can be useful if you have several variations of niches and don’t know which one to choose for your future dropshipping store.

What to dropship in 2018

Every year (season?) people make lists of the most popular products to dropship. We’ve selected 5 items that are worth paying attention in 2018.

1)      Wireless devices

Almost everything is becoming wireless these days. Wireless technology has been one of the fastest growing areas of science in recent years. The number of wireless devices is increasing massively. Healthcare devices, smartphone accessories and gadgets for smart homes are the hottest-selling products now.  

2)      Sportswear

Sport is life! A coach-potato lifestyle is a thing of the past. People want to be fit and healthy, so they buy sportswear and work out. Comfortable and stylish T-shirts and pants are a great choice for dropshipping business in 2018.

3)      Watches

Every year people buy around 1.2 billion watches. Smartwatches, men’s and women’s watches are selling very well.

4)      Antistress toys

How often do people feel stress? According to research, every day. That’s why people need something to bring their nervous system back into balance. Antistress toys are a good solution.

5)      Art materials

Lots of people have hobbies and invest much money in them. The global handycrafts market is increasing rapidly and expected to show growing at a tremendous rate of 12 % during 2015-2019.